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12 Spooky Kitchen Halloween Decor Ideas

12 Spooky Kitchen Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween celebrations are exciting with house decor where you use your creativity. The enthusiasm includes crafting and painting the things. It is more a fun activity for women when it comes to decorating the kitchen for halloween. Most of the women are attached to the area and this makes the halloween decor interesting when it’s for the kitchen.

HomeGamut website that provides information on kitchen appliances knows the creative ways to make the kitchen look halloween themed. The ideas to decorate the kitchen for halloween are quick and easy too.

Halloween decor is to make it look spooky and creepy. The creepy creatures and spooky looking symbols represent the halloween celebrations. Let’s look at the ideas for your kitchen halloween decor.

Decorate Your Kitchen With These Easy Craft and Creative Ideas

1. Ghost Glass Jars

Ghost glass jars

Do you have the glass jars in your kitchen? Now that’s your material for halloween decor. Cut a black chart paper into the halloween symbols like witch, bats and spiders. Place the jars on the kitchen platform randomly. And your first halloween kitchen decor is ready!

2. Creepy Magnet Spiders

Creepy magnet spiders

The kitchen tiles are left too plain? Then this idea is there to try out. Buy the creepy magnet spiders and stick them to the tiles. If you want to make DIY spiders then you can use the paper to make it. Choose the best that you can do to decorate your kitchen with spiders for this halloween.

3. Flowing Fog with Dry Ice

Flowing fog with dry ice

Wow! Fog in the kitchen area adds the halloween themed look. Get some dry ice and put it in a bowl of water. Place the bowl on the kitchen platform. It makes your kitchen space foggy and it looks halloweeny with other decor.

4. Hanging Hats

Hanging hats

We have a 5 minutes halloween decor idea for your kitchen! You need a large black paper to turn into a witch heart. Roll the paper into a fine cone shape and let the extra sheet remain for the hat circle. Hang the DIY witch hat on the ceiling of your kitchen now.

5. Threaded Plate Cobweb

Threaded plate cobweb

Cobwebs is a popular idea to get the halloween look for your kitchen. It is also simple to create the cobweb with plates and threads. The white thin thread of this artificial cobweb looks as creepy as the real one.

Just unevenly wrap the white thread around a glass plate. You can stick the rubber spiders to the plate for a realistic look. Now hang on the plate on your kitchen walls. It’s done!

6. Paper Bat Garland


You have a simple idea to get the halloween mark to your kitchen. Make bat garland using a black paper. Attach the bat garland to your kitchen wall. This is an apt and quick creation!

7. Spooky Emojis with Egg Shells

Spooky emojis with egg shells

The halloween decor is as simple as you want it with such ideas. If you have the eggs at home, then dump the shells. You will need it for halloween spooky emojis.

Collect 3-4 eggs and empty all of them. Mark the eyes and mouth to create the spooky emojis. This is easy and fun to make. You can teach your kids to do these fun halloween ideas to decorate your kitchen.

8. Blood Dripped Candles

Blood dripped candles

The dripped candles are realistically scary. If you want your kitchen to give your halloween vibes then you must make the blood dripped candles.

Gather a few candles and flame all them to wax down a little. Paint the dripped candle with red paint to make it bloody. Light the blood dripped candles and place it in your kitchen.

9. Scary Egg Eyeballs

Scary egg eyeballs

Eyeballs add little more to the halloween theme of your kitchen. You need a boiled egg to make the scary eyeballs. This is also a creepy halloween food idea as it is with eggs.

Cut the top of the whole egg to make a small whole. Insert an olive piece into the egg and repeat it with 3-4 eggs. Squeeze tomato ketchup on a plate and place the egg eyeballs in it. You can add noodles into the eyeballs plate to make it look more creepy and scary. Also take the other idea from the attached image to make egg eyeballs.

10. Spoon Mummies

Spoon mummies

You can simply make mummies with spoons in your kitchens. Select the wooden spoons to make mummies and stick the two small buttons on each one. Then wrap with the bandage tape around the spoons leaving the black buttons. Seal the tape to the spoons and it looks like spoon mummies with the bandage and buttons.

11. Dough skull

Dough skull

How can we miss skulls for halloween decor? You can stuff dough in the skull molds and let it dry. Lift the skull molds and paint it to elevate the skull symbol. You paint the eyes and tooth with black colour. This is one of the perfect ideas to get the halloween vibes in your kitchen.

12. Hanging ghosts

Hanging ghosts

The thin white cloth hangings in the air are nothing but ghosts. It is not so tricky to create the spooky ghosts with white cloth. Have a look at the images where you can see the white cloth hanging ghosts.

Take a thin white cloth and divide it into 4-5 pieces. Attach a thread to the cloth and stitch the two black buttons. You can make funny ghosts with dramatic eyes and smiles.

Now hang the cloth made easy ghosts on your kitchen ceiling.

If you are having a halloween party at home, then the kitchen is a decorative place with kitchen accessories and utensils. Most of the material that you need for halloween kitchen decor are handy. You can work with your other creative ideas along with this list here.

Happy Halloween!

How to Watch Horror Movies on Car Screen

How to Watch Horror Movies on Car Screen

Well, to be honest, watching TV while driving isn’t really a healthy habit. However, if you are going somewhere with your family, then it will be a nice thing to have something to watch. It will not only stop your kids from bugging you but might also make your long drive even more charming and enjoyable.

But, how can you watch a movie show, especially a horror one, on your car screen? Is there any viable way to do such a thing? The answer to this question is pretty simple – yes. If you want to, then you can definitely watch horror movies and get enthralled by the jump-scares on your car screen.

So, do you really want to know how to play horror movies on the car screen? Then, make sure to keep reading.

How to Watch Horror Movies on Car Screen?

Assuming you already know about the car screens, let’s begin the countdown of the ways to watch horror movies on them.

#1 – Head Units with DVD or Blu-Ray System

head unit to watch movies on car

The head units are probably one of the most important things that are required to watch movies on the car screen. They are highly ergonomic. So, if you have bought the right one, then they will easily get fitted on your head. The speakers, which are integrated with them, also tend to be pretty clear. So, you can also listen to each of the dialogues pretty clearly.

The best thing about the head units is that they support almost every kind of DVD, CD, and Blu-Ray players out there. So, if you have already installed any one of these things on your four-wheeler, then the head units can surely be one of your best bets.

However, the price of these products tends to be pretty high. There are a few affordable products available in the market, but they will not offer that good service to you.

#2 – Aux Cable

Besides DVD or CD, you can also play watch movies in your car with an Aux cable. But how can you do so? Well, the whole procedure is pretty. At first, you will have to connect one end of the cable to your smartphone while the other end should go into the jack of your car screen. Now, they have been paired perfectly.

So, all you would have to do now is to play a video on your phone and start watching it on your car screen. Isn’t it easy? So, before you go out on your long drive, make sure to load up your device with some good-old horror films and watch them with the Aux cable.

#3 – USB System

Yes, you have understood it right. Playing horror movies through a USB system is almost similar to that of the Aux cable. In this case, all you will have to do is to fill up a pen drive with your favorite movies and insert the device in your USB port.

Once all the processing and other things are done, you can simply play any of the videos and watch them in peace. However, if you are opting for this particular alternative, then we would suggest you to purchase the best high end car speakers for sound quality.

Otherwise, you will not be able to hear or understand sounds properly. This, in turn, might ruin your overall movie watching experience.

#4 – Bluetooth Device

If your car screen does support Bluetooth connection, then you can also watch a movie on it with the help of a Bluetooth device. In this case, all you will have to do is to connect your phone’s Bluetooth with your car’ and you are good to go.
If you also do own a few Bluetooth headsets, then the whole combination will become even more perfect. However, as most of such headsets can be worn in only one of your ears, it would not really be healthy for you.

#5 – Sling Box

Do you want to watch some live TV shows while driving through a dusty road? Well, then a sling box can be an ideal option for you. For that, all you will need to do is to purchase a sling box and install it in your car. Besides, you would also require a proper internet connection to stream the live shows properly on your car screen.

However, a sling box usually enables you to stream only one channel or show at a time. Therefore, if you are traveling with a full-fledged family who has a versatile taste from a cultural perspective, then things might get a little bit troublesome for you.


So, these are a few ways, which can help you to boost the charm of your trip to a massive extent. However, each of these options comes with its own distinctive functions. So, make sure to evaluate them thoroughly before you opt for any one of them.

4 Famous Car Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

4 Famous Car Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

The horror genre is an all-time favorite of almost everyone due to that chill on your spines feel the movies give. Scary movies will get even better if it contains a combination of cars and horror. You will be astonished to see how a four-wheeler can play a crucial role in a horror film. Listed below are a few Car Horror Movies List that you can certainly choose to watch if you are a horror film lover.

List of Scary Car Horror Movies to Watch

#1 – Christine

Horror films are undoubtedly one of the most demanded and best choices for people who want to take a break from the usual movie genres. Christine is undoubtedly Horror Movies Featuring a Scary Car released in 1983 featuring two people Stephen King and John Carpenter. The director has certainly made some of the outstanding horror movies. The story revolves around a young man who buys a Plymouth Fury car of red and white colour from a mysterious man whose name is Christine.

Soon he finds out that the car is demonic, which has weird effects on the owner and starts scaring everyone who use to come in its way. As soon as the man makes a new girlfriend, the car strangely becomes jealous. An atmosphere of tension as well as horror, Christine is certainly a horror film that one must watch.

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10

#2 – Killdozer

This is yet another classic horror movie that features a scary car. Killdozer releases in 1974 and it already became a favorite horror movie during that time. You will find the story quite interesting and thrilling as it revolves around a small construction crew present on an island that gets scared by a demonic bulldozer. It is one of those Best Car Horror Movies or precisely a bulldozer with demonic powers. The bulldozer one by one tries to kill the construction crew.

IMDB Rating: 5.10/10

#3 – Death Proof

You will notice that most of the popular directors tend to get attracted to making horror movies as well as four-wheelers. Death Proof that was released in 2007 has been directed by Quentin Tarantino. He decided to use a killer car that will make his story enter into the horror genre. Death Proof reveals the story of a Stuntman, whose name is Mike. He is a serial killer who is involved in killing beautiful and young female victims.

Mike takes them around his car, and then use to crash it purposely. This is one such Car Based Horror Movies that will certainly make your heartbeat fast due to the outstanding and thrilling storyline. The entire story has fantastic horror moments, especially the ones where Mike stalks young women.

IMDB Rating: 7/10

#4 – The Car

The story revolves around an evil car, which is possessed and comes to life to kill people. The Car released in 1977, which was a slasher flick, and the movie is a cult classic. It is one of the Most Famous Car Horror Movies. The story revolves around a small desert town, and the residents living there were living in terror due to a demonic car. Local sheriffs are the only ones who can stop the car. If you want to experience some thrill and horror, then you can certainly watch this all-time cult classic horror movie.

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10

Hence, these are some of the best and all-time favorite horror movies featuring a scary car of everyone that you can choose to watch.

Image Source: Car photo created by wirestock – www.freepik.com